Texas Grassroots Basketball

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Lonestar Challenge
April 17-19th • Drive Nation

Lonestar JUCO/Prep Showcase
Oct.3-4th • Drive Nation

This premier event is open for Prep & JUCO Programs. The October Classic has had programs attend from across the country to compete in front of abundance of college coaches.  

All participants in NCAA/BBCS Certified Events must comply to the following:

The NCAA basketball certification website (www.ncaa.org/basketballcertification) – because this page includes links to user resource quick-reference guides and manuals including guidelines and step by step instructions for participants. 2. The USA Basketball Gold License link (https://community.usab.com) - because all individuals involved in coaching activities will need to obtain a USAB Gold License. (Returning users should RENEW their previous account and NOT create a new one.) 3. The Eligibility Center (EC) link (www.eligibilitycenter.org) - because each athlete must have an account before renewing or registering in the Basketball Certification System. They only need the free account to participate in NCAA-certified events. 4. The Basketball Certification System (BBCS) link (http://bbcs.ncaa.org) – because team organizations, coaches, and athletes need to be registered in this database. (Returning coach and athlete users should RENEW their previous  account and NOT create a new one.)